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Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: sandy, what's left, still impacting us with the chilly temperatures, spinning rain and the gray sykes sykes -- gray skies, thank you sandy. the back side of the system. now centered well north of new york and outside the united states. the wrap around flow still bringing in the showers, clouds and basically just less than desirable weather. see a few spits of rain. watch out for the slick road. hour by hour we will look for a few showers going off to drizzle by midnight and will go down to 37 or so first thing tomorrow. that will be chilly. dress warm as you head out the door. we he will talk about how it'll change slightly for the weekend. look where it may rank all time among hurricanes. >> thank you. thousands of our neighbors would still be under their blankets tonight as the power company continues to work to get their lights back on. officials say they expect to have all of the customers have their power back on tomorrow night but in the meantime there are still plenty of downed wires. >> sandy hit new jersey shore harder than almost anywhere else and the president and
Nov 2, 2012 6:00pm EDT
brings a weapon to school. >>> tending -- sending though those affected by hurricane sandy. >>> first, an update to the breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. a runner is raped on her morning run. cheryl conner has more from fells point. >> reporter: as we go into the weekend, the police said a rapist is on the run. a victim was jogging between 5 and 7 a.m. in fells point when a man pulled her into a dark area and raped her. he was armed with a knife. a friend of the woman called police a short team later. >> all we know is the suspect was an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. i don't have a race or height. the reason, the victim is going through a very tough time. >> reporter: anthony guglielmi said they're working with the victim. they hope to relee on surveillance cameras. there are number in the area and all we know about the suspect at this point, an adult male, possibly wearing a mask and armed with a knife. we'll bring you the very latest at 11 and on we're live at police headquarters, cheryl conner, abc2 news. >>> we no longer have s
Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm EST
. >> helping those still struggling after sandy, the efforts underway for people living in chrisfield. >> a vote of no confident for an area police chief, the motivation behind the measure. first, tonight, arrest in harford county after cyber police track down a man with a virtual library of child porn. >> as jeff hager reports, maryland state police discovered hundreds of downloaded movies and dvds at the home in forest hill. >> the suspect may have thought he was operating from the privacy of his own home here on isaac's way in forest hill. when a trooper with the maryland state police computer crimes unit spotted child pornography offered on the internet, the trap was set. >> made contact, downloaded the files that were ultimately viewed and demmed to be child pornography. >> police traced the computer to this home, where the investigation quickly focused upon 25 year old nicholas cuker, his parents claim he is autistic. he claimed a friend viewed the porn months ear490 separate files depicting under age boys and some downloaded a week before the raid on the house. there is no evid
Nov 8, 2012 6:00pm EST
on after superstorm sandy. now that people have power back on, a lot of the focus is to communication needs. this morning a caravan of 30 trucks left for perryville and headed to new jersey. >> we're expecting to see a lot of poles down, a lot of cables down. snow from the nor'easter. the road conditions may be tough, but these folks are built to hand this. >> verizon officials said the company is sending more than 600 technicians north. >>> well, 18 years from right now in the year 2030, she will be able it vote for the next president. from the campaign trail to not making it on the trail to the hospital, this early voter didn't have to stand in line at all. in fact, she beat polls by four hours and still got elected hams the cutest baby delivered by engine 106789 she was expected november the 3rd but she grt here in a hurry. little adrian took less than a half an hour. >> the umbilical cord was still attached. we asked if he wanted to cut the cord. he looked shocked. so he did it. we took the baby from brittany and started to dry her off. the rest of the crew got there. they took the baby
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
what they cran do to help. collections have been set up to help sandy victims. if you'd like to donate nonperishable foods, you can drop them whoever in anne arundel county. >>> here's doug from the american red cross. >> that's people helping people. that's what it's all about. it's nice to she that happening. >> so they're just getting in cars and going. >> if they have a place on the other end they know they can take it to, that's great. >> how is it going? >> it's going well. we have every single disaster vehicle. they're responding to people in need. they are hitting the streets, passing out food, water, blankets. we're still tending to those essential needs. >> how much did the red cross make. >> the telethon raised 23 million but this will go on for weeks and months to come. the 90999 and that's a $10 donation. >> i don't know how much per day but it can raise tens of millions over time. >> people who still want to help out, what can they do? >> that's a good's to stamplet the other thing you can do is donate blood. you can donate it to the red cross. sometimes blood donation ge
Nov 14, 2012 6:00pm EST
a lot about superstorm sandy. of course the kids are very curious about that in columbia. mr. tobias' fifth grade class. it will put the fear in you. they're smart. >> we pulled some of that up. i said, hey, the perfect storm in 91 is one of the closest things. by the way, when were you born, 2000, 2001. that was 10 yores before you -- years before you were born. anyway, it was a crystal clear chilly day. it will be a cold night in pittsburgh, my friend. >> bring it on. >> 40 degrees. steelers week in progress, an early look at it. looks like weather will be a nonfactor at this point. we're still five days out, so keep it tuned for your pittsburgh game night forecast. 42 at bwi. the dew point is at 27. air is very dry and the temperature could drop quite a bit and could and up in the upper 20s by daybreak tomorrow. so the november chill is definitely here. as we look at weather it was blue sky on tap but also a day with that chilly are in the breeze at towson west elementary. take a look at manchester valley high school. the chilly football practice and ellicott city, our lady of per
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
for superstorm sandy victims. >> they're too young to vote, but not too young to make a big difference. >> these kids baked their hearts out, and the donation pails are full, and they're filling bellies as they wait for the polls. >>> abc 2 will be live with the senator & as part of our abc 2 election night coverage. and one of those trying to unseat the senator, dan bethea was shaking hand -- bojgino. was shaking hands. >>> today mitt romney cast his election day ballot here near his home in massachusetts before heading out on two final campaign stops in ohio and pennsylvania. he and paul ryan will be watching the election results from boston, massachusetts tonight. the president already cast his ballot in early voting. vice president biden voted today before a home campaign stop in cleveland, and the president plans to play some basketball with friends before a stressful night of waiting for the election results to come in. >>> if you noticed president obama looking a little older than he did four years ago? doctors say it's all part of the job. the stress that comes with being presi
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
during sandy. so this is your time before the snow hits or hopefully won't hit to get prepared again. >> that's good advice. the basics are at least 72 hours worth of water, a battery operated radio and a flashlight. >> if you want to know what kind of weather to expect this winter, head to click on the top of the page. you can find mike masco's winter outlook. >> we are getting into the holiday spirit here at abc2. >> we'll head over to whitemarsh where they're getting ready to flip the switch to turn on the lights to the christmas trees. >> all right. merry merry conditions out there. 51. five degrees below average. we guaranteed you 50 degrees. our weather winner goas klein. congrats. we'll talk about will you need the umbrella at all. that's coming up. >>> breaking news, all north lanes of 94 are shut down past 85 near havre de grace. there's a two-car crash and emergency workers are on the scene. we're told there are no injuries but state police said one of the vehicles is a penske truck whose tank has ruptured. >>> well, hostess brands is shutting down for good. s
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
seaboard were canceled because of superstorm sandy. so it's really important if you have some time to come out here and donate blood. we're live at perry hall. >>> today was a big day for both the johns hopkins kimmels center and the foundation. they handed over a check in the amount of $200,000. it as for research on two gene mutations that have been found in some children with acute my low leukemia also known as aml. >> as long as you stay inspired and driven to do what you do, as long as you continue to do the brilliant work -- >> the foundation has also hosted four head shaving events this year, shaving more than 280 heads and raising over $10,000. >>> now more on the david petraeus affair. the department is investigating general john allen, the top american commander in afghanistan for what they're calling potentially inappropriate emails. those emails were with jill kelley, the petraeus family friend who tipped off the fbi about emails she was receiving which was traced back to paula broadwell. broadwell is the woman accused of having an affair with petraeus. allen said he did nothin
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
idea to try it. >> we are staying on our toes. sandy may have paired most of us but we will see traces of her damage because of scammers. experts say thousands of flooded cars will be cleaned up and put on the used car market with sellers keeping their past a dirty secret. tonight we look at the signs you need to recognize so you don't get a safety hazard on the road. >> a few hours, can make a damaged car that's been sitting on a salvage yard for a year look brand new. >> reporter: tonight, we will explain why maryland law only requires some cellars to let you in on whether the car you are buying has been through a flood and we will look at the signs of water damage. >> for both the security supervisor and the deer that left this behind. the deer went up to the front door and then crashed right through the glass window. the deer headed back out and ran across york road and didn't stop. for anyone hoping leaves hope for thieves who want to steal our scoops the window has already been replaced. >>> he has two heads in. >> one he uses to attack a soccer ball, the other he uses inside
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)